Perfect in purpose

perfect in purposePerfect: ” (something) completely free from faults or defects; as good as possible.”

Isn´t this where we all get it wrong? Perfect is not a fairy tale description of something that is endlessly good. It can be in reality,  a combination of these two extreme forces – good and bad-  that work together to bring out the best, in whatever they come across.

Let us take a look at the people around us, Have they always been good? No! Have they shaped us at all situations? Yes!  And was the outcome always bad?  Well you can reflect about that. But what I have discovered is i would never have learnt Patience, love, humility, consistency, principles, forgiveness, perseverance and many more, if all there is to the definition of perfect, is “always good and pleasantly satisfying”.

Perfect to me, is not what something is, but what it produces.  Of what use is magnificent borehole designed with the best material and by the best engineers, if it does not have enough water for a whole village? Yes, it is easy to pump and looks so good and clean, but it can only provide water for only but a few dozens of families in a day so many have to struggle to be the first to get water from it. On the other hand, there is an old borehole, the hand pumps are hard but it provides enough water for the whole village at all times. Something is perfect not because of what it is, but because of what comes out of it. Perfection must not mean free from faults, it should mean “serves it´s purpose”

I have a perfect mom, a perfect dad, a perfect husband, perfect siblings, perfect family and perfect friends. And i love them all, in all their perfection, For all have shaped me and made me who I am today- symbol of perfection. Ha-ha, Okay, before you eat me off, that was to pull your leg.

Let us learn to appreciate our huge bunches and loads of perfection.


7 thoughts on “Perfect in purpose

  1. I love your take on perfect(ionism). I’ve struggled a lot with that notion myself. Never read this interpretation before. Makes it sound so much more warm and appealing. It’s a nice re-interpretation.


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