Tiny people-Islands

20120522_155726It seems like our defence against heart breaks is to isolate ourselves. We feel unreachable and thus safe from further hurt. We instead of picking up the pieces, learning the lessons and trying again, decide to crumble up in our pain. Forgetting that no matter how people hurt us, it is still better than not having them at all. We need people in our lives. To share our joys and pains. People who challenge us to be better even when it hurts. Because no man can actually afford to be an island.

We have also heard of the saying,   if you want something well done, do it yourself. The truth is you ant do everything yourself. You end up with tones of things to do and stand under the risk of suffering from fatigue. which in the end leads to not being able to do things well.

We need people in our lives. Even if they hurt us, or are not as perfect as we expect them. Because life is not worth living alone for we are social people.

3 thoughts on “Tiny people-Islands

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