1. You have a question? Before you go to a teacher for an answer, first try google.
  2. You are having an irritation, first look for tips online before you go to a doctor. After all you will get an appointment in two months’ time yet it’s urgent.
  3. You feel low, run to skype and talk to someone 1000miles away because the one next door isn’t ‘understanding’
  4. You want some compliments? Just post a nice photo on Facebook. Oh and make sure you have 1000 friends and 80% are the opposite sex.
  5. You need some advice about growing up, boys n stuff like that, go to
  6. Looking for directions? Try google maps, google earth, list is endless because a passer-by who you can ask doesn’t know the places around where he is walking.
  7. You can’t get to a church easily? Just turn to YouTube and type a name of the preacher you like, look for the sermons you want to hear, and feel like at church.
  8. You want to fill your wardrobe afresh but have no time to shop; there are plenty of online shops with great delivery services.
  9. Oh you don’t know how to cook. Practice with You-tube videos. Saves you that awkward moment of answering how you reached that age without cooking anything while being taught.
  10. You don’t know how to love, be honest, keep time, be confident, and have faith? You are just in the wrong place. Such things are not learnt on internet. We just give things that can take their place and keep you going for a while, the best we can do is, maybe give you tips on how to find that.

Sometimes we tend to grow further from each other the more communication is improved. Internet should be there to make communication easier. Not to make us have less time to physically connect to those around us.

Considering relationships


  1. We all have friends who know almost nothing about us but we know everything and those friends who we don’t know but know a lot about us.
  2. We all have friends who act like they are more important than family. Those whose who are more important than family
  3. We all have family members that are friends. And have those who act like you are not family.
  4. We have people that love us but we just don’t like (just, naturally without reason). And have those who will do everything on earth but still we would die for them.

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